A “wingmate” is a fiercely loyal compadre who always has your back no matter what. A friend so true, it’s now inspired a clothing counterpart. This Wingmate is a single-use double-sided adhesive triangle that can solve any style situation. From floppy collars to misbehaving ties to limp belts to droopy pocket squares, it’ll keep you looking good. Like a true Wingmate. Wingmate, the world's first disposable collar stay.

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1. Detect floppy collar.

2. Stick Wingmate underneath.

3. Stick it together.

Be universally admired.

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Pocket Square

1. Detect Droopy Pocket Sq. & place Wingmate.

2. Stick it together.

Prepare to shine.

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1. Detect misbehaving tie.

2. Stick Wingmate here and press down.

Go out and conquer.

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This Wingmate is a sticky double-sided triangle that solves your floppy Collar, misbehaving Tie, droopy Pocket Square or Belt and keeps you looking good. Like a true Wingmate. And most importantly, it wont harm your clothes.

19.99 USD

1 Pack = 40 Wingmates (FREE SHIPPING)

Cheo Vidal

Living in New York City for the past 14 years but originally hailing from the Caribbean nation of Trinidad & Tobago, Cheo credits his sense of style and grooming to his older sister. When he isn’t creating killer apps for the likes of Kim Kardashian and 50 cent, he can be found pursuing a variety of outdoor activities and adventures, such as napping in his rooftop hammock.

Alan Vladusic

Born in Bosnia, raised in Germany and now living in New York City, Alan Vladusic has lived all around the world to discover a single universal truth. No matter where you are, fashion is all about the details. And so the creation of Wingmate was inspired by this global observation. When he isn’t manufacturing tasteful double-adhesive triangles to make you look good, Alan is a highly-acclaimed Creative Director at a prestigious ad agency and has also designed everything from book covers to furniture to his Mom’s house back home in Bosnia. His collar is never out of place.


Cheo +1 917 767 7959

Alan +1 347 421 1655


What happens if I leave my Wingmate on when I dry clean my shirt?

The actual Wingmate is a non-toxic HMA (hot melt adhesive), it may have an adverse effect on your item if exposed to prolonged and intense heat. As a result, we highly suggest you remove it prior to dry-cleaning your garment.

What happens if I accidentally put it in the washing machine?

If your Wingmate ends up in the wash, dont despair. It will fall off completely and drain through your washing machine. In some instances it will stay attached to your garment but can be easily removed before putting your clothes into the dryer.

Will it harm my clothes?

No, Wingmate will not damage or leave any permanent residue behind on any of your haberdashery.

Can I use my Wingmate more than once?

Wingmate is ideally designed for one time use. However feel free to reuse till no longer sticky. Please note that after its first application, Wingmate will not be as effective as the original application.